breath of life handmade tyler texas tx zack and farrel debaltzoI’m Farrel, I’m from East Texas, and I’m an author-in-the-making, an avid sweet tea (no ice) enthusiast, a lover of all things words and lemon, furmom to Aslan Bear, and wifey to the other half of my soul

But above all, I’m a blood-bought daughter of the One True King, snatched from the fire by His amazing grace. My story, woven throughout the pages of this space, is one of freedom, new life, and our Father’s incredible, incomprehensible love. And it is my passion and my joy to introduce the world around me to the One who wants to save it the same way He saved a wretch like me.

My husband, Zack, and I were both born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic and life-threatening illness that affects the lungs and digestive systems of only 70,000 people worldwide… And one our parents were told would take our lives by ages 8 and 18. By the grace of God, we’re now 40 and 37. But to date, the average life expectancy of CF patients is 55 years old. There is no cure. 

Breath of Life Handmade was borne of a miraculous hospital visit toward the tail end of 2022, and inspired by my lifelong battle against CF, my love for all things words, and the breath my Abba continues to give me over three decades past my “expiration date”. And I’ve had so much fun on this new adventure of creating artistic visualizations of His love that I hope will bring joy to your hearts and glory to His name for generations to come.

So welcome! Shop around. Just breathe. And write on.

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