This is where it all began: Breath of Life Handmade’s original One Word Line.

Our passion for sharing specific rhema – the Spirit of our living God communicating personally with those who belong to Him through His voice in our hearts – that has revolutionized our walk with Him was the initial vision and inception of this home-based words ministry.

The greatest gift we have ever been given is the opportunity to know our Father vibrantly and intimately through the miraculous work of His son and our Savior, Jesus, on the cross. And it is our greatest hope that the same words that have sparked fires in our hearts, and brought us closer to Him than ever, will unlock your understanding of and ignite your life in Him as well…

Because one word from Him changes everything ♥

breath of life handmade tyler texas tx one word daughter mark 5:34

Daughter | Mark 5:34

To us, she is most often referred to as “the bleeding woman”. To her society, she was “unclean”, and of barely worth more than livestock. But to her Savior, she was and will forever be “Daughter.”

breath of life handmade tyler texas tx one word chayil proverbs 31:10

Chayil | Proverbs 31:10

Expect difficulties. Expect attacks. Expect setbacks, to be sure. But more importantly, expect to know the love and companionship of the God of the universe so deeply that we shine His radiance from the inside out.

breath of life handmade tyler texas tx one word refresh acts 3:19

Refresh | Acts 3:19

Water refreshes the thirsty. Bread refreshes the hungry. Peace refreshes the anxious. Rest refreshes the weary. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus refers to Himself as all of these, and more! How refreshing it is to know that because of Him, living – not merely existing – can be our reality, even in the chaos of everyday life.

breath of life handmade tyler texas tx one word healed isaiah 53:5

Healed | Isaiah 53:5

May this help someone breathe again. May this help someone believe again. And may it assure someone that our bodies can be broken until the day we see Him in Glory, yet we can still be healed in all the ways that matter most.

breath of life handmade tyler texas tx one word be strong and courageous joshua 1:9

Chazaq | Joshua 1:9

In the end, courage only happens in the face of fear, whether it be real, life-threatening danger, or perceived danger that just makes you look foolish to outsiders. But the charge I now take from this story is that no matter how ridiculous the thing God is asking me to do is, I know that being chosen looks radically different.

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